Recycling: idea to renew a t-shirt


Renovate garments is ideal to give a new life to those pieces that you no longer use and at the same time recycle fabric, because using only scraps and strips of fabric you can transform any type of clothing. Today we are going to share a great idea to renew a t-shirt so easily that you probably will redecorate more than one of your clothes.

Idea to renew a t-shirt


  • T-shirt.
  • Pieces of fabric.
  • Needle.
  • Thread.

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Step by step:

The decoration will go on the front of the shirt. To start, cut 4 strips of fabric approximately 5 cm wide, the length of each strip will depend on the size of the shirt.

This measurement will go from the seam at the top of one of the shoulders to the seam that joins the sleeve on the other side (see cover image). You can choose to use fabric of a similar color or a contrasting shade.

Sew each strip of fabric on the shirt following the direction mentioned above, try to overlap a little one on top of the other. Start from the bottom strip to the top.



Next, make a bow in the same color as the strips of fabric and sew it on one side of the shirt. At this point you already have a renewed and very feminine shirt to wear.

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