Recycled fabric hair accessories

Recycled fabric hair accessories

Hair accessories made with recycled fabric are modern and really fun to make. You can make braids of 3, 4 or 5 strips to create simple accessories or make fabric flowers to decorate diadems and hair brooches. If you want to see more ideas, keep reading and enjoy these hair accessories made with recycled fabric.

Hair brooches decorated with recycled fabric

You can use fabric remnants to make hair brooches, fabric diadems and bands to tie your hair. In the cover photo you can see a diadem decorated with fabric flowers, but if you want a very simple idea, you can use a braid of 3 strips tied with an elastic band to make a gorgeous and easy accessory.


Also, you can line plastic diadems with fabric and decorate them with braids made of fabric strips.


Flowers made of fabric are really easy to make and useful to decorate hair accessories. There are so many ways to make them, if you want to know a few just check make a diadem with a braid of 3 strips, fabric flowers and how to make a fabric flower.


Do you like hair accessories made with fabric? If so, you can share with us your ideas, advices and creations to inspire other people to make this kind of crafts.

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Images: dollarstorecrafts, flickr, whodoesshe

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