Recycled fabric dolls

Recycled fabric dolls

If you want to use recycled fabric to make toys this is a good opportunity to do it, because today we are going to share with you various models of dolls made with fabric and T-shirt yarn. This is a good way to make ecologic toys using fabric remnants.

Recycled fabric dolls

Today we are going to share some models of recycled fabric dolls to get inspired and create your own models. You can make a fabric doll just using recycled fabric to form the doll and filling it, and fabric strips as hair.


In this way you can make a doll to use as a toy or an ornament. Here we have some gorgeous models of fabric dolls.





You can make many kinds of dolls by using different techniques to sew fabric and fabric strips, like this beautiful doll with curly hair.


With T-shirt yarn you can make the doll’s body making braids to form the arms and legs. To complete the look, make a dress with fabric and fabric strips for hair.


Images: elo7, papemelroti, weewonderfuls, weewonderfuls, etsy, ronnihunter, vanhookandco

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