Recycle a chair with strips of fabric


Do you have a chair at home you would like to renew? I have one, in fact, several. Plastic chairs, chairs that we don’t like their color or those that we want to make look more modern can be recycled with strips of fabric, thanks to this idea of adipinkas.

A super creative work that allows you to combine colors, textures and handmade cushions to achieve a warm and very special decoration.

Recycle a chair with strips of fabric

This wicker chair is about to be renovated. Let’s see the creative transformation they have done.


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And this is the finished work. A loom made with the structure of a chair and the warp of strips of colored fabric, smooth and patterned.

It reminds me of the old chairs called organic design, round and comfortable.

Our congratulations to this demonstration of cleverness to recycle a chair and reuse surplus fabrics!



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Images: trapillo

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