Quick DIY: gifts made with fabric


A gift made with recycled fabric will always be well received because the final result is unique and beautiful, no matter how small it is. Don´t worry if you don´t have time to make a big project because today we are going to help you to get some inspiration by these t-shirt yarn small creations to give away. Check out these ideas because I’m sure they will be useful!

Gifts made with t-shirt yarn

Let’s think of unisex gifts! A little detail made with recycled fabric is always well received, and there are many models of unisex belts or accessories you can make, as well as utilities to use at home or in the office. Here we have some examples:

A woven cover for a cup like the one on the cover photo or a cover for a glass by prydeligtpaent.


A recycled fabric belt like this model is a good option for a woman but you can also make belts for men based on the designs we saw in earlier: Braid of 4 strips, How to make a knitted belt with recycled fabric, How to make an 8 fabric strips belt and Models of t-shirt yarn belts.


If you want to find the best T-shirt yarn for your projects check out our virtual store

More ideas to make and give away: a t-shirt yarn mirror frame made following with the technique of Amarraditos.


A t-shirt yarn keychain with a doll


Or a braided keychain


Small baskets by hubanehome


A pencil holder made with the technique of rope and fabric baskets that we have seen previously in our blog.


To make this pencil holder you can see how to make a basket with recycled fabric in viladoartesao.

Friendship bracelets are perfect to give to children and young people and have a very special meaning. You can make them in different ways, and even use an interpiece made of fimo to write the names.


See how to make friendship bracelets with t-shirt yarn in this tutorial.

To finish check out this cute image of stuff-by-ash of a little girl wearing a T-shirt decorated with strips of fabric resembling a little tree, isn’t it adorable? (maybe for a Christmas gift?)


T-shirtyarn.com is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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