Pictures made with recycled fabric and woven tapestries


Today, we are going to share some models of tapestries made with recycled fabric that are worth enjoying, for example, the main photo which shows pictures made with recycled fabric created by Arab students.

This beautiful work made by these young folks is proof that art can be fused with recycling to achieve several objectives: to decorate with recycled fabric, to teach our children and adolescents to use materials friendly to the environment and to spread principles of ecology through manual work and creativity.

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This is a good idea to implement at home, in schools and in art workshops: use recycled fabrics to decorate your home, creating beauty and art with textile recycling.

Recycled canvas pictures and fabric tapestries

Nobody doubts the importance of the activities that involve recycling, for children and young people, in all its forms. And this work for sure will catch your attention, as a group of young students have created beautiful pictures with recycled fabrics.

The importance of manual and artistic expression is based on the need for children and young people to understand the importance of reusing, recycling and transforming; using sustainable materials, in this case recycled or textile waste.


Recycled fabric upholstery

These Firehorsetextiles carpets are so cute that perfectly fall into the category of decorative tapestry. A way to vary the points of craftsmanship on recycled fabric tapestries to create utilities for the home.



In the image above, you can see another beautiful way to make tapestry with recycled fabric or to convert tapestry to carpets, a creation by Paula Corley.


How many ways can you transform textile waste to create beauty and decorate with recycled fabric?

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Images: trapillo

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