Pattern to make t-shirt yarn sandals easily


You already know that many garments and accessories can be made with t-shirt yarn and today it’s the turn of sandals. And although at first it seems complicated, this project is easier than you think. With the following pattern to make simple t-shirt yarn sandals you’ll have the base to make many models of this type of footwear.

Make t-shirt sandals easily


  • T-shirt yarn.
  • Cord.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Measuring tape.

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Step by step:

To begin measure the length and width of your feet, keep these measurements handy as you’ll need them as you are weaving the sandals.

Take a cord of about 2 meters and place it on your feet as shown in the image. Bring the top end of the loop towards you, at this point you will have 4 parallel lines. Now hook the lace around your toes: one strap between the big and second toes and one between the little and fourth toes. As you can see there will be a loop at the top (towards you) and the ends of the cord will meet below that loop.


Perhaps the awkward part of this project is starting to weave while keeping the cord on your feet, but once you understand the basics of the pattern you can use other objects as a guide.

Roll a strip of t-shirt yarn to join the loop and the ends (use a little bit of glue if necessary). As you’ll see in the image, after the first knot you are going to make 2. Then the cord must be divided into 4 so that you can make the weave. The idea is to pass the yarn above and below each strip.



When you have finished weaving to the desired length, very carefully pull the 2 pieces of cord that are already together at this point, while placing your hand firmly on the topmost part of the weave.


Stand on the knitted soles and mark the positions where you need to insert the straps, you can make any type of strap you like. Get inspired by the models in the photos or create your own design.

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Images: trapillo

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