Necklaces and pendants made of recycled fabric


Bijouterie made with recycled fabric (especially necklaces and pendants) is a fashion trend, like other recycled complements that are a mixture of ingenuity, ecological conscience and appreciation of the beauty of things made by hand.

Fortunately, more and more people are adding to this trend, recycling to create a future of environmentally friendly bijou accessories.

Necklaces made of recycled fabric

If you are looking for models of bijouterie made with recycled fabric, here we have many options. And it’s logical, because with fabric you can create very beautiful complements, which have the seal of being environmental friendly, because they are products that you can create from recycled material.


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This is a recycled fabric necklace that you can combine with earrings of the same fabric, creating a precious set, with the stamp “recycled and made by hand”.


With stamped t-shirt yarn you can make small, delicate, cute and modern accessories. And if you use little chains and other pieces as hooks for earrings you can achieve a beautiful handmade bijou, with your personal seal.

Macrame is also an excellent choice for creating fabric necklaces. And having so many knots and combinations of plots the alternatives are infinite.


There are many kinds of models of necklaces made with recycled fabric and creative people who create them.


T-shirt yarn necklaces





There are cute and modern designs of bijouterie made with t-shirt yarn, and some of these models are very simple to make. For example, I love this rolled fabric necklace and it’s a good idea to add simple braids to the handmade bijouterie.


I love this model of liveinternet because it’s a fairly simple option to include in the technique to create bijou with recycled fabric.

This simply, beautiful creative necklace made with recycled fabric is worth seeing and being shared.


In alternative arrangement you can see more models of recycled fabric necklaces.



Finally, we see this model of artistic, modern and very chic necklace. It reminds me of the bijouterie models with saris of Tanvi Kant, really worthy to appreciate and enjoy.


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