Necklace with little roses


Elegance and originality combine to achieve this beautiful necklace with small roses, a fashion accessory that is a must have among your accessories. Make yourself this model of necklace using T-shirt yarn and bias tape, which will give distinction to your look without spending money.

The French blog DMC brings us this excellent proposal. All you need to do this work is fabric, printed bias tape, white plastic beads, sewing thread, a needle and scissors.


Now we are going to explain step by step the process to assemble the small roses with bias tape and then the t-shirt yarn necklace. If you need to see the photos to understand the process, click on this link, where you will find a PDF document with all the details.

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Step by step: roses

1. Tie a tight knot at the end of the bias tape. Cut the excess fabric.

2. Make a 1/4 turn with the ribbon around the knot. Then turn the flattened ribbon on itself and continue wrapping the knot with it from the beginning.

3. Make a 1/4 turn again and repeat the process until the rose is the size you want.

4. When you’re done, secure the end of the ribbon with a couple of hand stitches.

Assembling the necklace

1. Cut about 7 meters of yarn and make the rounds of the necklace that you want.

2. To tie the necklace, cut 75 cm of T-shirt yarn and open it. Wrap it around the circles of yarn you got in the previous step to join them.

3. Hide the ends within the same roll and secure the joint with a couple of hand stitches.

4. Sew the roses that you made one next to the other, starting with the joining area of the necklace, that is, the rolled

5. If you want to give a final touch to your necklace you can sew some white pearls on the roses.

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Images: trapillo

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