Modesl of recycled fabric flowers

Ideas-con-pompones-de-trapilloRecycled fabric flowers can be used in a lot of projects as varied as crafts, decoration and clothing recycling, among others. Today we’ll see some models of recycled fabric flowers so that you know the variety of designs that you can make and use to carry out your ideas.

Recycled Fabric Flowers

You can make these flower models with any type of fabric, this will depend on the project you want to do since you can create from rustic flowers to elegant designs. You can also complement the flowers by adding beads or other embellishments.

To make some of these models you’ll have to create templates of various sizes and then place the pieces one on top of the other. And in other cases you’ll have to roll the fabric to achieve the shape of the flower.

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With fabric flowers you can make a large number of projects, these are just some ideas:




Table centerpieces




Hair ornaments


Home decoration


Ornaments for clothes



A fabric flower adds a feminine touch to any craft project, so go ahead and include some fabric flowers in your creations the next time. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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