Models of t-shirt yarn jewelry


These adorable lebenslustiger’s woven bracelets are the prove that it isn’t necessary to follow complicated patterns to make jewelry with fabric strips. Although in this tutorial they have used 5 needles, these kind of bracelets can be made with 2 or with a simple crochet stitch.

Today we┬┤ll see more ideas to inspire us to create: necklaces, earrings and bracelets with recycled fabric.

Ideas for t-shirt yarn jewelry

You can make a simple and very fashionable necklace model just using fabric strips. The strips are joined at the back with seams so you can create a beautiful necklace for any occasion, because it looks very well with a casual or elegant style.

This is an idea of fangkuang to keep in mind when making an easy t-shirt yarn necklace.

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A simple t-shirt yarn necklace can also be decorated to achieve- with the same method- a different model. This red homemadebynancyl necklace has a special detail: a t.shirt yarn flower with a heart button.


Models of jewelry with recycled fabric


Violavileta pendant necklace

75-624x689 is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

Kits-crafts bracelet


Lebenslustiger bracelets


Etsy necklace

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Images: trapillo

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