Models of t-shirt yarn hair accessories


You already know that with T-shirt yarn you can make an innumerable amount of hair accessories which can help you look different by simply decorating your hairstyle on any occasion, or also to give as gifts among your friends. Today we’ll show you some models of t-shirt yarn hair accessories so you can choose the one you like the most and make it using strips of recycled fabric.

T-shirt yarn accessories for hair

There is nothing that radically changes a simple hairstyle than a beautiful accessory, you don’t need to waste a lot of time thinking about a difficult hairstyle because you can decorate a ponytail, a bun or your natural loose hair with any accessory made with T-shirt yarn.

Sugarbeecrafts shows us how to make this headband using the Josephine knot, you can make it with 2 different colored strips to have a more striking accessory.


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With braids made with recycled fabric you can create beautiful headbands so that they can be used by both adults and girls, use your imagination and make these accessories with braids of 3, 4 or 5 strings.



And to increase your creativity here you can see more models of headbands:



Also, you can decorate hair clips with flowers, pompoms and other shapes that you can make with fabric such as these models:




Which of these models did you like the most? Have you made t-shirt yarn hair accessories? is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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