Models of original t-shirt yarn baskets

I like t-shirt yarn baskets but I love original models like this elongated sinaimg´s basket made with braids and other handmade designs that we’ll see today, which are really creative, modern and ingenious.

In today’s post we’ll appreciate different well done projects and good ideas, a way to inspire us to create beautiful utilitarian and decorative baskets for our home.

Original T-shirt yarn Baskets

In our blog we have seen many models of crocheted baskets, made with braids or with the method of the rope lined with fabric. Sometimes, the most important thing is the the choice of a neat fabric, a nice color or an insteresting combination of t-shirt yarn colors.


Fuchsia basket by novita

Flat t-shirt yarn baskets are one of my favorites styles because in addition to being able to give it a thousand utilities they are very beautiful, even empty!


Semi-flat basket by tunnelmatehdas

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Other more elaborate models are found in various blogs and craft magazines. Each basket is unique and doesn´t have a pattern but it inspires us to create our own t-shirt yarn designs.


Prinsessajuttu’s basket

Here you have a lot of original decorative baskets to make different models and decorate them according to the ideas that we like the most.




Semi-round basket by s1.sinaimg


Mini baskets by Pankaj & Nidhi


Maxi basket by viinasilta


Cristinamella´s flower basket is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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