Models of organizer baskets


Today we are going to show you different models of t-shirt yarn baskets to which you can give different uses: such as a magazine rack, a toy organizer, to keep the clothes for washing, and so on.

These models of recycled fabric baskets are going to inspire you and will surely help you keep your house nice and organized.

Models of crochet baskets made with t-shirt yarn

The basket in the cover photo is a model whose scheme you can find in this link from ravelry. And keeping magazines is an excellent utility for a woven basket, but you can also give them different uses and make them with different techniques. For example, this decorative basket has been made with a round mold.


This basket is found on tunnelmatehdas’ blog


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You can find a beautiful model of organizer basket with a very nice finish and a perfect fabric in huhuu4home. Unfortunately we don’t have the schemes to make it, but we have the stitches to make the basket, which you can see in original ideas for crochet XL


Another beautiful basket, a little smaller, that we found in this link of tilduliinu. It’s a nice utility for a crochet basket, and really, it looks very cute full of stuffed animals.


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Images: trapillo

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