Make coasters with t-shirt yarn and a rack


With this procedure you can make these beautiful coasters using fabric strips, a rack, a wooden stick and a large eye needle. Craftpassion shares this technique with a fantastic tutorial. It’s a very useful step by step with a beautiful result, ideal for making decorative utilities for the home.

T-shirt yarn coasters

To make these coasters start cutting the rack and threading in the tapestry needle a 1.5 meters long strip of cloth.

If you do not have a tapestry needle you can make one, just check this tutorial: How to weave a rug with a recycled toothbrush.


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Then pass the strip of fabric by the edges of the rack making 2 turns in each corner of the square to completely cover the grid. Then attach the locking stick (as you can see in the tutorial) letting the thread stay inside the ring formed by the fabric.



Then you have to knit a predefined design with the fabric colors of your taste.

To see the complete step by step, click on the link of the source at the end of this article.


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Images: craftpassion

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