Make a basket with t-shirt yarn easily


In T-shirtyarn Blog we’ve shared several techniques for weaving baskets, each one suitable for various levels of difficulty. That’s why today we are going to dedicate ourselves to beginners who want to learn how to create with recycled fabric strips well and at the same time make a decorative and functional object. Keep reading and to learn how to make a basket with t-shirt yarn easily.

Make a basket with t-shirt yarn

You’ll need:

  • T-shirt.
  • Paperboard.
  • Pair of scissors.
  • Glue.

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Step by step:

Start making a round loom with the cardboard (this will serve as the base of the basket and a guide for the weaving, it is not reusable): make a circle with the estimated total size for the basket, this must include both the base like the walls of it. Then, make some notches that are the depth of the measurement of the walls of the basket. Depending on the size of the basket you can make the notches about 5 cm apart.


To start waeving you just have to fix the strip to one of the notches and pass the t-shirt yarn strip in front of one flap and behind the next. When you reach the beginning of the weave you must do the same path in reverse to reinforce it. If you wish, you can put a little bit of glue on some areas to improve the fixation of the fabric strips with each other and with the cardboard.

Make as many layers as necessary to achieve the height of the basket and that’s it, you already have a t-shirt yarn basket that you can start using.

Tip: you can line the bottom of the basket with fabric or felt so you don’t see the cardboard.

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