Macrame curtains with fabric strips

Macrame curtains with fabric strips

With T-shirt yarn you can make different types of curtains, because you can use any scheme with macrame knots to make a curtain with fabric strips. In this way you can make curtains to decorate windows, doors or separate the rooms in the house.

To make a T-shirt yarn curtain is very simple. Start cutting the strips and knot them in a pole, then, you continue making macrame knots to give form to the curtain.

Macrame curtains

To make a macrame curtain you must start by taking the measures of the window or door you want to decorate with the curtain, multiply the resultant measure for 4, so, you can be sure to have enough T-shirt yarn to work with. You must cut every strip following that measure, because later you are going to work with every strip folded in half.

For example, if the window measures 1 meter, you must cut strips of 4 meters long. Then, you fold them in half and knot them in the pole.

To put the fabric strip in the pole you can use the “alondra” knot, as you can see in the image:


Then you can start making any macrame knots you want to use. Besides using knots, you can also insert beads or other ornaments to decorate the curtain.


If you want a curtain with rigid fabric strips, when you finish the curtain wash it with starch and adjust every strip before it dries.


You can also make knots in the beginning of the curtain and then leave the fabric strips free, that gives form to the curtain.


What do you think about these macrame curtains? Do you like them?

Images: edigarrett, makramy

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