Let´s make a new T-shirt yarn necklace


Today we are going to share an idea inspired by a project from wholeliving.

Transform an old T-shirt in a work of art to wear thet never goes out of time. I believe you can profit from this idea by selling this model of necklace or just giving it as a gift.

T-shirt yarn necklace


  • A t-shirt.

Let’s get started:

Put a t-shirt on a flat surface. Cut the hem.

Cut the T-shirt creating strips of 3/4 inches long approximately.


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One at a time, pull each strip of fabric and stretched it until the strip starts to curl. Make a pile with the strips placing the lateral seams together.


When you reach the desired thickness, wrap the seams with a strip of fabric (6 inches long) and your new necklace it´s ready to wear!


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Images: trapillo

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