Knotted t-shirt yarn bracelets


Currently, fabric is one of the preferred materials to make accessories in an original and simple way, since it´s enough to have a bit of recycled fabric on hand to create various models of costume jewelery. Today, we´re going to see how with a few knots you can make these beautiful knotted t-shirt yarn bracelets, which can be used on any occasion or to give them to your friends.

 Knotted t-shirt yarn bracelets

Hotpolkadot shows us in simple steps how to make a knotted bracelet. The advantage is that you can start with only 2 strips of fabric and as you learn how to make the knot you can add more strips to make it thick or generate textures by including beads and/or charms.

To make these bracelets you´ll need:

  • T-shirt yarn.
    Flat clamp.
    Alligator clamp.
    2 jump hoops
    1 clasp to close.

Cut 2 strips of fabric about 45 cm length (you can use a little more to work safely).

Lay the strips next to each other.

Starting with the right strip make a loop over the left strip (as seen in the image), place it approximately in the middle of the other strip. Then, pass the bottom of the left strip over the right.


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Keep working with the left strip, you should pass it through the remaining holes and then gently tighten to achieve the knot.



When you are happy with the resulting knot, measure the remaining yarn on your wrist and cut off the excess if necessary.



Finish the job by adding the clamps, jump hoops and snap to close.


And in this way a knotted bracelet is made, go ahead and experiment with two-color fabric, prints and add beads.


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Images: trapillo

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