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Knitted t-shirt yarn hat


Using yarn or recycled fabric you can make various accessories that are ideal to wear on different occasions, and hats are no exception. If you are a hat lover keep on reading because today we are going to show you a charming knitted t-shirt yarn hat that you can make using the crochet technique.

Knitted t-shirt yarn hat

The shape of this hat is ideal to wear on any trip, because whether on the beach or in the mountains it’s always necessary to protect ourselves from the sun, and this hat helps us achieve that goal.

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To make this hat you’ll need t-shirt yarn in 2 colors (they can be different shades of the same color or contrasting colors) and a crochet hook. You should also know some basic crochet stitches such as:

  • Chain stitch.
  • Single stitch.
  • Slip sttich.

The resulting hat can be used for various head sizes, because t-shirt yarn has the ability to expand a little if necessary, so the original measurements can be used to make a standard hat.

Check out the detailed tutorial on this link.

Gorro-de-trapillo-tejido (1)

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