Inspiration to make t-shirt yarn necklaces


T-shirt yarn necklaces are a modern complement and because of its beauty and originality have become very popular, and the use of t-shirt yarn has a very important benefit for the environment because anyone is able to recycle fabrics or use surplus textiles in the creation of costume jewelry.

The models of necklaces we are going to show are very varied and each one is more beautiful, original and elegant than the previous one.

In the end, it’s difficult to decide just one model so today you’ll see several ideas for t-shirt yarn necklaces.

T-shirt yarn necklaces

In blogenpiedeguerra’s blog you’ll find this simple and beautiful pink necklace, which is very simple to make. You can see the indications of this work in the link to the blog.


A very original necklace-scarf model, which can be found in this link of tiltaltti.


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This extra long necklace is a creation that you can find in the blog chicplace. Both colors of t-shirt yarn (pink and peach) and the design are excellent, and the disposition of the fabric strips transforms it into a model of meticulous completion, simply beautiful.

33a is the web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

If we wanted to show all the models of t-shirt yarn necklaces this would be an endless post. But they are all so beautiful that we will undoubtedly have to share more models in successive posts of our blog.

You can see this design in lagardehechoamano. Is truly creative, and the model has only one ring in the center that gives balance and beauty to the finished piece.


You can find all the models of very original necklaces that we see below are in style-diaries.




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Images: trapillo

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