Inspiration: models of recycled fabric carpets


In our blog we have shared many techniques to make t-shirt yarn and recycled fabric carpets, but they’re all so beautiful that it’s hard to decide on one model or another so today we’ll see models of XL carpets to inspire us and choose the one we like the most.

We’re going to share crochet t-shirt yarn carpets with closed and/or open knit, square, round, made with joined woven shapes and even fun models for the children’s bedroom.

Models of t-shirt yarn carpets

Today we┬┤re going to see models of crochet XL carpets that even we don’t have a scheme to be able to make them, can inspire us to make our own designs to decorate our house.

You can find all these carpets (including the one on the cover photo) in this Etsy shop.



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We found this bath mat made with thick fabric strips in this blog: blog.a-common-thread model.


If we combine a t-shirt yarn carpet with pillows, a basket and other woven creations, we can create a warm corner in our house.

You can see this model of a precious carpet, cushions and basket in this welke link.


Another original square carpet model that we found in lh6.ggpht and a flower carpet from this etsy store.



Making a mat and matching cushions is one of the best ideas to decorate. A fabulous idea of the very inspiring decobloog’s site.

71-624x548 is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

In addition to make pillows matching the carpet, we can also make baskets. A beautiful model of a carpet and a basket can be found in this etsy store.


Finally, an XL carpet with a funny children’s design: a little worm made of crochet circles. The kids will surely love it and we can give it a try because it’s not too difficult to make.

This is a fun design for a carpet that we found in domnaraduge.


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Images: trapillo

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