Inspiration: 10 models of contemporary T-shirt yarn jewelry

This elegant necklace made with recycled fabric by hebdoblog is extremely inspiring. How many ways can you make bijou with T-shirt yarn? Perhaps infinite that’s why appreciating different jewelery models shows you the various results that you can achieve, working in crochet or with various artisan techniques.

Costume jewelry with T-shirt yarn



Here you have 2 very inspiring coral colored bijou models that can de used as a set. The first is made with tulle fabric and you´ll find it in chicplace´s page. The necklace -made with finger braiding technique, using thread and beads- is a beautiful design that you can see in montevcmesmo.


Crochet necklaces are my favorites because they have a refined and warm appearance, perfect to wear with formal or party outfits. You can find the gray necklace in alienina and the green one is an siksaksis´ design.


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Here you can see more jewelery models made with T-shirt yarn worthy of appreciation and that you can reproduce. Nothing nicer than thinking to understand the design and then put it into practice your knowledge to recreate any of these models.117

Earrings via aliexpress

219Earrings via marieclaireidees


Bracelets via craftsbyamanda


T-shirt yarn bracelets by lanukas clasp


Kits-crafts rope and t-shirt yarn bracelets

Which of these t-shirt yarn jewelery models are you going to make?

If you want to see step-by-step tutorials, see Jewelery and accessories. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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