Inexpensive Christmas gifts made with recycled fabric


This post is dedicated to all of you who have large families and also like to work with your hands (and not leave anyone without their little gift at Christmas) because we are going to share several gift ideas to give to everyone, spending nothing or almost nothing.

For example, with a roll of t-shirt yarn you´ll be able to make crafts, bijou or other ideas to create Christmas gifts for everyone.

Inexpensive gifts with recycled fabrics

In my opinion, the best thing about fabric strips is that we can buy it or make it at home, because it´s within everyone’s reach and for those of you who don’t have time to cut and join the fabric exists good options when creating with recycled fabrics already cut and even have several colors to give gifts to everyone, at a very low price.


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T-shirt yarn jewelry

If you search in the Jewelery and accessories´ category you’ll find perfect ideas to make jewelery for women and girls, and for each piece you´ll just have to use a little amount of material!


If you want to give it a good finish, you can always buy findings or beads in packages (at a ridiculous price) whether they are bases for hair clips, headbands to decorate, clasps for bracelets necklaces, inserts, charms, or whatever you think is convenient to decorate the piece.


For example, for young girls you can make headbands, with simple or more complex braids.

Gift ideas with recycled fabric



In the Crafts category are more ideas to make gifts with recycled fabric.

Any man would like to receive a beautiful woven keychain or a scarf, and if you find dark colors you can reserve them for the most classic men of the family, who will also value a craft made with recycled fabric made by you.



With a few meters of T-shirt yarn you can make bijou or accessories to everyone. And soon you’ll see how to combine the yarn with other materials to make ecological gifts with surplus fabrics.

You can see more ideas to make crafts with T-shirt yarn with it in the different categories of the blog, check out the list on the right of the screen.





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