Ideas to make organizer baskets with t-shirt yarn


T-shirt yarn baskets or organizers have infinite uses that can vary depending on their design, for example, with a small handle they can be hung, with two handles they can be used to load clothes for washing. If they are flat we can use them as centerpieces or bread baskets, in short, there are many ways to make t-shirt yarn baskets.

Today we’ll see models to inspire us and -although not all these works have a pattern so that we can weave them exactly the same- they can help to give us ideas to create beautiful fabric utilities for our home.

T-shirt yarn basket models

The baskets in the cover photo are a sample of the organizers that we can knit to hang and store objects in the bathroom, the kitchen, the dressing room or in the bedroom. Just making a simple crochet basket (sc stitch) with a handle and we have a handy all-storage to keep any space in order. But let’s see more models, as there are many varieties and styles.


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Fuchsia baskets with 2 handles.


Rectangular basket decorated with a rose.


Original basket with a handle that closes with a button. Here we have the pattern:



CD’s storage basket


Baskets with vintage decoration.


A practical and beautiful organizer, perfect for decorating.


Other ways to decorate t-shirt yarn baskets: with strips of fabric passed through the upper stitches, flowers, fringes or other woven ornaments.


These baskets are found in desgabetdesyaya and montevcmesmo.


If you want to follow a step by step to make a basket like this red model that we see below, check out this tutorial.
14Once we make a basket and see how to go up and give it a rounded shape we can create our own designs or take ideas from other models to weave original organizers in recycled fabric, beautiful and ecological, to give warmth to the environments of our house or to make super special gifts. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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