Ideas to decorate t-shirt yarn accessories


Adding details allows us to customize t-shirt yarn accessories, whether carpets, baskets, crochet handbags and everything you want to create with recycled fabric. Today you´ll see ideas for decorating accessories made in crochet, braided or with other techniques.

Decorate t-shirt yarn accessories

How can you decorate t-shirt yarn accessories? Each one will have put into practice different ways of doing it: adding loom flowers, costume jewelery, bows and other adornments. Sometimes, with a simple detail you can transform an accessorie and personalize it, making it a special piece.


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You can decorate carpets with fabric shapes as you have seen in Decoration for t-shirt yarn rugs. But this idea is simple, easy to do and very creative. With strips of cloth passed through the strands of a braided carpet, you can break the monotony of the plain weave and achieve another personalized creation.


Flowers made with round looms or homemade looms always come well to decorate baskets, bags or clothing. To make them you can check out Make flowers and dolls with a round loom or How to make a T-shirt yarn flower easily


This is not the first time you see decorations with buttons but if you place the buttons on felt flowers the result is very beautiful and you can combine many colors to make decorations for baskets or costume jewelery.


As an example you can see this t-shirt yarn bracelet from etsy decorated with felt flowers and buttons.

Decorating bags

The bags can be decorated in many ways and there are several ideas that you can find in the handbags category. These models are very inspiring: chiffon, jewelery, fringes and whatever your imagination suggests.

7640019234_8484c2f331_b-624x468 is the web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn


Pattern for a T-shirt yarn bag with imitation jewelry


More ideas can be found in Decorations for bags

Decorating carpets

You can decorate plain color crochet carpets with crochet flowers or flowers made with a loom, or using the idea of the garment you saw at the beginning or with decorations made of fabric. With your own ideas, you can transform a smooth crochet rug in an original, special design to decorate your house with your style.



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