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There are always nice ideas to decorate or personalize any woven bag we have at home or buy to give as a gift. This etsy’s bag has a very delicate and creative t-shirt yarn ornament made with fabric strips and braids, simply wonderful, and today we´ll see more ideas to inspire and decorate handbags.

Bag decorations


This bag with double decoration of salome-artesanato is one of my favorites. It has a very delicate handmade flower that combines perfectly and at the top they have joined a “hairy” fabric that completes the set.


This white bag have flowers made with ribbon. There are many ways to make ribbon flowers such as these ribbon roses, these romantic flowers made of fabric, felt flowers, ribbon flowers or these fabric flowers.

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This bag by karibijus is not decorated, they have simply woven it using 2 types of t-shirt yarn (common and with “hair”). A very nice idea to include the decoration with the knitting.


Sometimes a simple button or bow is enough to decorate a purse and if we sew the button in an original way even better. In the case of this cute renatabatata’s bag it looks like an anchor, but we can sew the buttons in many ways.


See in this tutorial how to sew buttons in an original way.

This bag with bow and handle of beads lined in fabric is a dawanda´s creation.


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Images: trapillo

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