Ideas for recycling a men’s shirt

Ideas for recycling a men’s shirt

Reusing those old shirts that men don’t use is an excellent idea, because with almost no work you can transform them into new objects like toys, decoration, garment, etc. Keep reading and learn some ideas for recycling a men’s shirt.

Ways to recycle a men’s shirt


Making cushions with animal forms is a cute way to recycle a shirt, for example, you can learn how to make the bear in the cover photo just using ecouterre’s instructions.


Also you can make simple cushions, in wholeliving’s tutorial you can find easy instructions to make them.


Another great idea is to recycle the sleeves to wrap bottles, like this idea presented by crafty.


If you have a really old shirt you can save the neck of it and make a shiny necklace using the shirt and some cd’s. You can learn how to do it in styleguru.


If you like toys, you can make a bunch of them with an old shirt, like these gorgeous teddy bears found in etsy.


Brit show us how to transform a shirt and make a dress with it.


Also you can make garments for children, like this cute little dress made by makeit-loveit.


This dress is really chic, and you can do it just following the step by step that chic-steals bring us.

These are great ideas for reusing a men’s shirt and create new objects and garments with a few steps.

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