Hula hoop’s tablecloths and carpets


A simple way to make a carpet or a fun rug is to use a hula hoop as a loom. The procedure is so easy that we can even do it with the children, and encourage them to create their own recycled fabric rugs.

Hula Hoop Carpets

I’m not sure who designed these hula hoop rugs but the truth is that they’re increasingly seen on the web. Carpets made by children, by mothers, by parents, or by anyone who wants to make a fun carpet of multiple colors with recycled fabric.

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The method for carpets, tablecloths or any round shape is to tie the t-shirt yarn in the hula hoop and form spokes, like those of a bicycle.


Then we pass the t-shirt yarn from the center outwards, passing the strand over and under each spoke.


Here is the image of which I believe is the original apartmenttherapy tutorial. A girl creates a hula hop rug with recycled t-shirts of various colors.



And here we have another finished hula hoop carpet. To make the termination, it’s enough to tie and cut each spoke.


Then, if we want, we sew it from behind so that the fringes are not visible. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

It’s an excellent idea to make all kinds of easy and fun decorations with t-shirt yarn.

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Images: trapillo

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