How to weave a tablecloth on a loom

Cómo-tejer-un-mantel-de-trapillo-en-un-telarIn the kitchen it’s ideal to have small tablecloths on hand in which we can place containers (especially if they are hot), and tablecloths made with t-shirt yarn are ideal for this function. A loom is one of the easiest techniques used when weaving with fabric and that is why today we are going to teach you how to make a simple loom so you can make fabric tablecloths.

How to weave a fabric tablecloth on a loom

The first step is to make the loom. You must have a board, nails and a hammer at hand. Depending on the size of the tablecloth you want to make, you’ll choose the size of the table. It’s advisable to start with a small loom and as you gain practice you can increase its size. The idea is to place the nails on the 2 opposite sides of the board (with a separation between 1.5 and 2.5 cm between them).



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Now you can start making the tablecloth. To knit more easily you can use a cardboard and cut some notches to roll up the fabric with which you are going to knit.


Then make the base on the loom. Take one end of the fabric that you are going to use as a base and tie it on the first nail. Next, bring this thread up and down placing it on the nails all the way to the other end.


To begin weaving, tie the loose end of the weaving thread to the piece of thread on the first nail. From this point you are going to knit carrying the yarn below and above the base yarn. You can choose to weave between each thread or every 2 threads, depending on the texture you want to give the tablecloth.


When finished, remove the fabric from the nails, starting with the top ones and then the bottom ones.


At this point, you can stretch and twist the fabric to shape it. Cut off the excess fabric and you have a small tablecloth ready for your kitchen.


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