How to weave a necklace with your fingers: step by step

How to weave a necklace with your fingers step by step

To make these beautiful necklaces you must braid the fabric strips with an easy and at the same time original technique using just your fingers. Today we are going to share this tutorial made by nellavaligiadellaburu to show you how to weave a necklace with your fingers.

Weaving a necklace with your fingers

Start by making a loop with the fabric strip, you must put this loop into your index finger in the left hand.


Then start weaving, passing the fabric strip between the front and the back of the fingers.


Beginning in the index finger, when you reach the little finger turn around and repeat the previous step until you reach the index finger again.


You must make the turn when you have 2 strips of fabric in each finger, then, is time to link these rows passing the fabric strip under the fabric in each finger.



To finish the necklace continue weaving to create volume, to see the next steps you must visit the link at the end of the article.

Source and images: nellavaligiadellaburu

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