How to make warm collars with crochet XL


A knitted t-shirt yarn collar is super warm and you can do it with an XL pattern or a pattern for a wool collar. These ideas are original and very beautiful, perfect to make with XL crochet. You´ll also see where to find a step-by-step video to make a t-shirt yarn collar created by Manetes Bones, an outstanding craftswoman who has shared her work on our blog.

T-shirt yarn collars step by step

You can´t see the texture of the fabric in the photo but a t-shirt yarn collar -in addition to being warm- has a pleasant touch sensation (is not itchy like some wools). To learn how to make it check out this link to see a step by step to make a t-shirt yarn collar.


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And in this post you’ll find a video made by our outstanding craftswoman Manetes Bones, clic here to watch it on YouTube.


In themakingspot’s blog  you can see how they have made a t-shirt yarn collar from a recycled fabric ball.


Here you´ll see other collar models made with wool, but if you have the pattern you can also knit it with fabric strips:




Be sure to write a comment to share ideas and techniques to make these beautiful accessories. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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