How to make the loop stitch for t-shirt yarn bags


There are many crochet stitches that we can use to make t-shirt yarn bags and one of the most decorative is the one we see in this lilac craftpassion, the loop stitch, which we can do throughout the bag or only in the lower or higher part of it. It’s a very simple crochet stitch that is beautiful and can be combined with the desired stitches in the design that we want to knit.

Let’s see how to make the loop stitch to knit T-shirt yarn bags.

Loop stitch for t-shirt yarn bags

To make the lilac bag shown on the cover photo you can check out the previous link. In this blog we also find another pattern in English to make a bag with a green loop stitch.


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How to make the loop stitch

Begin by weaving a bag according to a pattern that you’ve chosen and in advance plan where you are going to make the section of loops that are loose, as you saw in the previous images.

To make the loop stitch insert the needle in the lower part of the next stitch and pull the yarn until reach the size you want the loop to have. You can use a measure so that all the stitches are equal, for example 2 or 3 fingers.

Leave this stitch unclosed and then knit a normal stitch in the same place. In the second row knit all the stitches and in the third row repeat the previous steps leaving a row of loops, in the fourth row knit all the normal stitches and so on, until the sector of loose stitches is finished.

To see the step by step of this stitch check out this video.

Here’s another knitted loop bag pattern.

Now to practice the loop stitch. It doesn’t seem difficult at all and it looks beautiful as well as having a very feminine and original look. If you have already tried it and have learned how to do it, please write a comment to help us learn how to make a bag with the loop stitch.

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