How to make the “grain of corn” stitch


Since we shared in our blog the work of Mielie many of you have asked us how to make the stitch called “grain of corn” with t-shirt yarn to make carpets, bags and other utilities or accessories. The original tutorial is a PDF so we are going to make a little introduction to it and then share the tutorial to make this beautiful and original stitch.

Grain of corn stitch

You can find the original tutorial by clicking on the link at the end of this article, but we will try to explain how to do it so you can put it into practice.


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  • A piece of burlap the size of the work you want to do.
    Recycled fabric in strips of different colors.
    A crochet hook.

If you open the pdf you’ll see the step by step diagrams to make a bag for an I-pod. The idea is to place the I-pod on a paper, draw the outline and then cut it and place it on a burlap cloth, leaving 3 cm on each side and cutting the fabric.

Then you start making the stitch. For this, use the crochet hook that you put inside a hole in the burlap, pull to bring it to the front, take it back and make a hook stitch that looks like a grain on the top. This is the first stitch you’ll have to practice. Then, change colors as you want to make your own design, leaving the strips back to then tighten the fabric.

When finished, fold the fabric and cut the strips to 1 cm to be able to sew them. If you are going to make a bag, you can stick a felt lining on the inside.


So far I have commented what in my opinion is the simplified step by step to make this original stitch for crochet.

You can check this link out to see the PDF with images and read the complete instructions of this beautiful artisan work.

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Images: trapillo

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