How to make textile beads

How to make textile beads

Using T-shirt yarn, felt scraps and other kinds of fabric you can make textile beads to create ecologic jewelry. There are many ways to make beads with recycled fabric: sewing, wrapping, or making a braid with the fabric strips; today we are going to share ideas and tutorials to learn to make this kind of beads.

Textile beads

In the cover photo you can see a beautiful piece created by craftsbyamanda, check the link to see the tutorial.


The idea is create beads with jeans and then paint them in different colors, in this way you can achieve beads with texture.


You can use also other kinds of fabrics to make these beads, like fabric strips o fabric scraps in various colors and textures.


To make this model of textile beads you can follow the technique to make paper beads: cut the fabric and glue it in a stick, using these templates to make different kinds of beads with this method.


Ihanna shares with us a step by step to make fabric beads.


You can combine different kinds of textile beads to create accessories; also, you can use beads of other materials.



If you like to sew, you can make beads in different forms to create necklaces and bracelets.


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