How to make T-Shirt yarn fringed rugs

How to make T-Shirt yarn fringed rugs

One of the simplest techniques to make T-Shirt yarn rugs is done with a grillage, because it is not necessary to sew or knit the fabric, but simply cut and tie. In this way we are going to make a rug like the one in the cover, which seems like decorative lawn.

Rugs with a grillage and recycled fabric

To make these T-Shirt yarn rugs we are going to use a grillage that you buy in hardware stores. The grid is cut to the size you want the rug and then cut equal sections of T-Shirt yarn and tied them completely lining the structure.


The thicker the T-Shirt yarn strips are, the fluffier the rug will result. To pass the strip through the holes of the grid we can use a crochet hook or a knitting needle.


In this way you can make this kind of rugs. For example, here we see show you some models of finished handmade rugs made with this technique.




Images: theloveofcreating, instructables, monkeysinmybed, make-handmade

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