How to make T-shirt yarn baskets without sewing

How to make T-shirt yarn baskets without sewing

I’m pretty sure you have seen -and love- all the models of T-shirt yarn baskets that we shared in previous articles, and that’s why we are going to teach you a new technique to make them without sewing.

With this technique you can make other objects like placemats, coasters, mats, rugs and handbags; just wrapping the fabric strips in the structure.

Look how easy it is.

T-shirt yarn baskets without sewing

We have shown you some models of fabric baskets made using a sewing machine that also you can make sewing by hand, but today, we are going to share a technique to make these baskets without sewing.


Start wrapping the fabric strip just as said in the procedure to make fabric baskets made using a sewing machine, but instead of sewing it, you must pass the fabric strip trough the previous row.

For this you need to use a big needle that helps to thread the fabric strip.


You must repeat this step until the basket is finished, being careful to keep the same distance between rows.


In this way you can make baskets without sewing and other objects like rugs, coasters and placemats.


The advantage of this technique is that you can divide the work in sections, because you can make one part, secure it with a clothespin and then continue making the basket whenever you want.


I hope you like this idea and start to make these baskets, if you want to see more images for inspiration just click in the link at the end of the article.

Source and images: folomade

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