How to make recycled fabric baskets


A recycled fabric basket is one of the handmade objects that can be done with T-Shirt yarn, and the result is a very original and modern textile basket, perfect to use as organizer.

Today we will share a very useful tutorial to teach you how to make a simple and beautiful basket from recycled fabric.

Recycled fabric baskets

To make a recycled fabric basket you need about 10 meters of T-Shirt yarn. To sew it use a yarn needle.


The process comprises forming the base and then stitching the sides, working vertically until you get to a convenient height. The stitch is simple, you just have to link and take the previous stitch to hold and stretch the fabric.


To join more fabric or change the color is simple, you must place it within the fabric strip above, sew the stretch and keep rolling the fabric.


This achieves a nice recicled fabric basket, ideal for organizing small items or decorate the house.

Fuente: theredthreadblog

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