How to make necklaces with simple knots


A few months ago we saw in our blog various models of necklaces with simple knots, very beautiful and that seemed simple to make. But never hurts to have a step by step that shows us how to recreate these accessories so knittiamo help us make this beautiful necklace.

A simple step by step, with a very beautiful result to make t-shirt yarn necklaces with simple knots.

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T-shirt yarn knotted necklaces


The red necklace in the cover photo is from alittlemarket, and the tutorial to make the knots is from knittiamo. On this page you’ll find a detailed step by step to make simple knot necklaces.


22 is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

Click on this link to the knittiamo tutorial to see the complete tutorial in English.

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Images: trapillo

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