How to Make Crochet Squares


In 365daysofremake the fabulous team work of this Israeli blog has created a really spectacular rug with squares of t-shirt yarn. These creative women, in addition to sharing such beautiful craftsmanship, share the step by step to make it.

Today you’ll see this tutorial explaining how to make crocheted squares with fabric and the finished rug.

Crochet squares

To make the crochet squares is not difficult, just start with 4 chains and expand them with 8 half double crochet. Then make 2 half double crochet for each stitch and continue the stitches following the scheme:


“T” shape: half double crochet
Circles: chains.
Crosses: single crochet.



Start as if you’re going to make a crochet circle. You can also start with a magic ring.

In the tutorial, they give the scheme to make each square and the step by step to be able to weave it.



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In this way you make the square of crochet and then repeat the procedure over and over combining colors of recycled fabric. If you want to make a blanket for the bed or a rug, you’ll need many little squares (and a lot of patience).

To see the full tutorial go to this 365daysofremake link.

If you want to see how the finished rug looks follow this link to 365daysofremake.

תודה רבה (thank you) to these skilled Israeli weavers who share how to do this beautiful work with crocheted squares!


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