How to make an 8 fabric strips belt


You can create a belt with a stitch macramé with a braid. For this you will use 4 strips of fabric -which folded create 8 strips-. Begin to braid and -based on this tutorial- you can achieve a belt made with recycled fabric, using any plain or printed colors you like the most.

8 fabric strips belt

To make this belt you need a rubber band, approximately half the size of the belt you are going to make. You also need a piece of cloth to top off the belt.

Fold the strips and tie them together to form a bundle. Then follow the step by step of the knots to achieve the desired measure.



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At the end, sew the fabric to top off one of the ends.


If desired, you can add a buckle or a button to fasten the belt.

You can see the original tutorial in Molliemakes: How to make a t-shirt yarn belt

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