How to make a scarf with fabric


In this article you will find the step by step to make this original scarf with fabric. Follow the instructions carefully and you will be able to achieve a charming and very practical scarf to use with any garment.

You can use fabric obtained from a shirt that you no longer use, just cut it into thin strips as you will see in the images. For this project you must cut the strips in the shape of a ring, you will need approximately 16 rings. Don’t throw away the rest of the shirt you started working with because it will have another function in your project.



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Now the t-shirt yarn is ready! The next step is to take each of the rings and wrap them around your fingers about 3 times. Gently remove them from your hands and place them neatly on your work surface. The number of times you roll your yarn will depend on the length and distance between the rings. After you roll them up, you should get something similar to this:



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It’s time to go back to the fabric that was left over from your shirt. Cut other small strips of the same thickness as the rings and join two of them with a strip as you will see in the image below.


Begin to join all the rings with the strips and you will form a chain that can be as long as you want. You also have the option of leaving the tips separated or joining them to form a circular scarf.

The last step to finish the project is to cut the excess fabric from the strips which you tied the rings with. Check that everything is in place and voila! You have a beautiful scarf to wear on any occasion. If you see that your new garment is very thin or if you think that it looks a bit simple, you can accompany it with another made in the same way. You will look amazing.

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