How to make a recycled fabric yo-yo


Yo-yos are small fabric decorations that you can use in an infinity of projects. The advantage is that you only need fabric scraps so you can start recycling clothes that you no longer use to make them.

How to make a recycled fabric yo-yo


  • Recycled fabric.
  • Needle.
  • Thread.
  • Scissors.

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Step by step:

To begin you have to determine the final size you want for the yo-yo, because of that will depend on the initial size of the fabric. For example, if you want it to be 10 cm in diameter the initial size of the fabric should be 30 cm. We are going to take these measurements as a guide to explain, but keep in mind that you can change the measurements according to your needs.

Cut a 30 cm diameter circle (add 0.5 cm to this measurement).

Fold the fabric as shown in the image and sew the entire edge of the circle, do it with a single stitch leaving it a little loose.


When you have done all the sewing, carefully pull the thread. The idea of this is that the edge with the seam meets in the center.


When you have pulled all the thread tie a knot and voila, you have a yo-yo that you can use in your projects!


In other posts we will give you ideas to use these ornaments.

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Images: trapillo

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