How to knit an easy and modern t-shirt yarn bag


Believe it or not, all of those who are apprentices like me can knit with t-shirt yarn like an expert. We´ll start by making simple bags and then we are going to venture into the more advanced stitches. This t-shirt yarn crossbody bag has taken me an hour or two, I’ve had a lot of fun knitting it and finally I have a simple t-shirt yarn bag with fringes and wooden balls that I really like because the fringes have good drape and they sway when walking.

Where I live is summer and I´ve made a relaxed bag to use it in this weather: it has no closure and it´ll only contain what is necessary to go for a walk. If you liked it, here is the step by step for a simple bag that is super easy and fast to knit and the result -I think- has been quite good, at least for my taste.}

Easy t-shirt yarn shoulder bag

No complications when making my first t-shirt yarn bag. I just did 13 chain stitches and then combined single crochet and treble crochets until I got a rectangle. Then I folded it in half and sewed the edges with a loom needle.

If you don´t have a large needle at home to thread the yarn, you can close with the same crochet needle or by passing it with the help of a pointed tool.


This is how I sewed the side edges and then left two strands up to make the handle.


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Before closing the double pull handle I threaded 2 wooden balls that I brought down. To finish, I placed some round wooden balls that act as a terminal and give the fringes a fall, which sway when walking. Nice effect.


Of course, if you want you can close the bag with a button or a clasp or make a decorative crochet stitch in the front. But I liked it this way and I´m sure that anyone who knows the basics of crochet can make this bag and personalize it to their liking with other beads or seashells (perfect to decorate a summer bag).

No schemes or difficult stitches, let your imagination fly and create, each one to your liking, an easy crochet bag with the color of fabric that you like the most.

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