Holder for flowerpots made with fabric yarn


Hold your pots in the air with a few strips of fabric

To carry out this practical and simple project, you don’t need more than four strips of fabric of approximately two meters in length and a pair of scissors. Everything else will be done using your hands.

Step by Step:

1. The first thing you should do is take 4 strips of yarn, which should preferably be equally long, and fold them in half.

2. Then hang them on a nail and divide them into 3 groups. Begin to make a braid or knot about 4 inches long. Then tie another knot when you’re done so the braid doesn’t come loose.


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3. Now, you should have 8 ends hanging from the braid. Divide them into 4 parts (you can do it with as many strips as you want, it all depends on the weight of your pots).


4. Tie a knot that connects each of the parts that you separated in the previous step. It should look something like what appears in the image above.

5. Next, tie the two groups of the ends together, as indicated by the little arrow that appears in the image.


6. After performing the previous step, you should get something like this:


7. Finally, tie a very strong knot at the bottom, using all the strips. It has to be very well done so that your pot does not end up on the floor.

Now you can hang your holder using the ear that was above the braid or knot that you made in step 2. Insert your pot and that’s it!


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Images: trapillo

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