Hand sewn braided mat


A t-shirt yarn carpet can be sewn both by machine and by hand and a simple way to do it is to make braids (not too long) and then sew them into a small rectangular mat. Today we share a step by step with illustrations, very easy to follow to make a braided rug in less than an hour.

Rectangular braided rug

Start by cutting all the strips of fabric of the same length, counting 3 strips per braid. You can combine colors and then make the braid, making sure that all the braids are neat and the same length.


Then, fasten the ends of the braids with some stitches and begin to join braid with braid, sewing them on the back of the mat. Leave an even distance at the ends and then finish with the red strip.


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You can sew the strip that goes alone at the end to give it a better finish.


Then, pass the strip once down, again up, from side to side. Turn the mat and repeat the procedure. Finish with some stitches and then sew a fabric on the back to cover the seams.

At the bottom you can use a burlap, a canvas, recycled leather and other resistant materials or fabrics.



Here is the recycled fabric mat finished to put at the foot of the bed, use in the bathroom, the kitchen, at the entrance, or where you want to have that handmade detail.

Nice and easy, this is a great way to start making t-shirt yarn carpets with braids.

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Images: trapillo

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