Funny t-shirt yarn laces


Nothing is more fun than using colored or patterned laces and with the wide range of colors and designs of t-shirt yarn that exists you can make cheerful laces for children, or -for example- printed laces that you can use with any footwear.

A practical use for the remains of t-shirt yarn that you can create in a really simple way.

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Recycled fabric laces

There are several ways to make cords with recycled fabric or t-shirt yarn. If the fabric when stretched is rolled up, you won’t have to sew it. You can also cut fine strips of t-shirt yarn and make braids, or sew it on the back and then turn it around with the help of a safety pin.

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To place the cord in the shoes you can use the trick of every grandmother: to wrap the end with a piece of masking tape! In this way the ends don’t deflect and it’s very easy and fast to put the laces in the shoes.

This is a perfect idea to create with t-shirt yarn scraps and use every inch of a smooth or stamped fabric.

I hope you have fun making laces for the family. I’m sure the kids will be delighted with their fun laces made by mom, dad, or themselves.

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