Finger knitted necklace


Today we are going to share a very interesting tutorial, creating by Tmbijoux which shows you how to make a recycled fabric necklace knitted with fingers and adding strings and beads to it. A simple step by step, with a very nice result that allows infinite variations to create accessories with strips of fabric.

Necklace knitted with fingers

To make this necklace you need 3 meters of t-shirt yarn in 2 different colors, acrylic beads and silver balls; you can also use chain to achieve the same look. You’ll also need thread and glue.


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The stitch to weave with the fingers is, in this case, very simple: make a loop, take the strips and introduce them through the hole, we pull the thread and repeat the procedure. Once the braid is made thread the beads that will form the chain.


The necklace is finished by adding the beads here and there. To finish the job, you can sew the braid or simply knot it.

You can see more images and instructions to make the necklace with the fingers by clicking on this link


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Images: trapillo

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