Fabulous T-shirt yarn necklace – Easy to make


This is a fabulous new necklace that is very easy to make and you can use it everywhere as it combines with various garments, so you can wear it for every sécial ocasion. Check this out:

To make this necklace:

1. Cut thin strips of stockinette fabric and pull them to shrink. You can cut as many strips as you want, this will only determine the thickness of your necklace. You can cut out circles from jersey, or you can sew the ends of the strips together to make the loop for the necklace.

2. Take necklace chains that you no longer wear and mix them with the strips of fabric.

3. Take two or three strips and wrap around specific points on the necklace where you think it will look good. Then sew the ends of the strips and voila! That´s all!


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