Elegant ruffled scarf


If fashion is your thing but you don´t want to spend more money in clothes your´e reading the right post. To wear a distinguished accessory be sure to make this elegant ruffled scarf that we share with you today, thanks to a onegoodthingbyjillee´s idea.

Elegant ruffled scarf

To do this you´ll need a shirt that you no longer use (in your favourite color, of course!), scissors, a piece of chalk or soap and a medium-sized plate. The plate will serve as a mold to cut the circles: You must place it down on one of the sides of the shirt, as seen in the photo, and draw the circles.


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Now, cut out the circles that you drew from each side of the shirt. Depending on its size, you will get between 8 and 12 circles.


In this step, cut the circles in a spiral. You don´t need to use a pattern. It doesn´t matter if they are uneven because on the scarf the strips will be untwisted to create ruffles, so the imperfections won´t be noticed.


Well, you just need to unscrew each strip of fabric and separate them into two groups of 4 or 6 strips. Finally, connect the two sections of fabric at one end, to get a scarf. You can glue the strips with a hot glue gun, fabric glue, or stitch by hand or on the sewing machine. When you’re done, hand wash the scarf to remove any traces of soap or chalk that you used to mark the circles.

The perfect touch

Do you want one more idea? If you want to give your project a final touch of distinction, add a pin as seen in the photo. In this case, it´s a white rosette made with our favorite material: T-shirt yarn. We hope you liked this idea!


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Images: trapillo

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